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After a lot of hard work we, the Möbler development team, a student game development team at Breda University are very proud to announce that Möbler can now be downloaded and played on Steam! We have put all of our best efforts into making this game as good as possible and present this with proud and joy.
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This year 2550 we celebrate the 300th birthday of the new earth. Earth has become a better place since we, as a furniture company, have overthrown the governments. We are proud to be the biggest furniture company in the universe. And we would like to thank all citizens of earth for your help accomplishing this!

Birdo, an alien birdlike species hired to deliver our furniture throughout the universe, had to make a crash landing on Uranus. As Birdo crashed, an emergency signal was received by us. We can assure everyone that we will not stop trying to bring Birdo home! We have sent out ships filled with furniture to help Birdo reach the evacuation ships 10km high in the sky.

Due to the crash landing Birdo cannot move on his own. But because we implanted a chip inside his brain, he can be controlled by a certain group of citizens! If you have what it takes, then join us and take control of Birdo. Help him move towards the evacuation spaceship and come home safe.

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Inspired by the arcade best seller Tetris® and created by a team of NHTV students, Möbler gives the well-known old Tetris® formula a big twist, creating a dynamic platform like experience with an incredible amount of gameplay for everyone to enjoy.


Welcome to our companies FAQ regarding our stranded delivery guy. We hope to answer all questions you might have! If not feel free to contact us.

How long do you plan on trying to continue dropping furniture for Birdo’s escape?

We plan to remain to do this until we manage to bring Birdo back home safely! However, dropping furniture for more than 12 hours a day is not healthy according to doctors, so we only drop furniture for a maximum of 12 hours.

Why does Birdo not just fly up, since he is a bird?

First of all, we are not completely sure if Birdo even is a bird. He is a lot of trouble and likes acting like one, but in his heart, he is just an ordinary delivery guy like everyone else. Besides that, Birdo cannot fly because due to company policy we had to strip him of those powers.

Which music does Birdo listen?

The music our company is playing through Birdo’s earpiece can be found at our music collection page.

How much personnel have you hired to save Birdo?

We have hired a team of 9 for this job. They can be found at our team page.

Are you making footage of this insane rescue mission?

Yes, we are! The live footage of the rescue missions can be viewed at our rescue page. Besides that, we have made a video outlining the mission and we are making plenty of pictures as well! They can be found at our media page.

The furniture looks amazing where can I see it?

Thank you! We always strive to create the best possible product for our customers. You can find all the furniture as well as logos and icons in our gallery.


IGAD Game Awards 1718

Best Game Y1

IGAD Game Awards 1718

Best Programming Y1

IGAD Game Awards 1718

Audience Award Y1

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"Even though this is a student game, I can see this being on Steam."

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You can get in touch with us through email: info@moblergame.com (business inquiries only)